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Potton History Society



Registered Charity Number 290895

Aims of the  Society

The  Society was formed in 1977 and has built up a membership of over 100. It holds monthly meetings in the Community Centre in Brook End, normally on the fourth  Thursday of a month. It is an active society which organises trips, publishes  material and maintains a developing archive of past and present photographs and  documents.

1. To  promote an interest in history and particularly in that of Potton through  regular meetings, exhibitions and other activities.


2. To  collect, record and publish information on the history of Potton for the  benefit of members and the local community.

3. To  record current events in Potton for the benefit of future generations.

4. To  help in the general conservation and preservation of the buildings and  surrounding countryside.

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Preserving Potton's History & Heritage Since 1977


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