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Trade Directories

Below are downloadable files containing the Trade Directories held in our archive. These were issued by commercial firms and were the 'Yellow Pages' of their day. They are of great interest to Local Historians not only for the details of the traders in a town but also for the local details included at the start of the trade listings. Mrs Yates copied the details of all the available Bedfordshire Directories in the County Records Office in the late 1970's. Hence some of the photocopies are of poor quality but all are readable. They were issued at irregular periods but cover the period 1785 through to 1940 with a few 1950's additions.

Again we appeal for YOUR HELP! A visitor to the County Records Office could obtain better quality copies of poor pages. Also transcribing the information to a spreadsheet would greatly improve access to the family information on the sheets.

Contact us at pottonhistory@aol.com

1. 1785-1823-1830-1839

2. 1847-1850-1853

3. 1854-1862-1864

4. 1867-1869

5. 1871-1876-1877-1885-1890

6. 1894-1898-1903-1906

7. 1910-1914-1920-1924

8. 1925-1926-1930-1935

9. 1936-1940-1951-1953-1956


THE 1881 CENSUS FOR POTTON (click to downoad as a pdf file).

This was transcribed along with a full index as a Research report back in 2000 by Norman Parry. The CD-rom produced by the LDS Church and the Federation of Family History Societies was used in the compilation of the document.

THE 1891 CENSUS FOR POTTON (click to download as a pdf file)

This is a pdf file of a spreadsheet that Doreen Cooper transcribed from a set of 1979 Census sheets that were funded by Potton Charities.

How Accurate are the 1891 Census Details?

Each household had to fill in a form. Their memory or spelling could be at fault. The Census Enumerator then copied the information into the summary book. He could misread or make his errors. The original household forms were destroyed so the primary evidence has been lost. Potton History Society acquired a photocopy set of the summary books. Some information is obscured by Census analysers adding up and classifying occupations. Some parts of the photocopy are not 100% clear. Peter Ibbett digitised the photocopies on the on the Potton History Society A3 scanner and Doreen Cooper used the digital file to create a spreadsheet of all the information checking with Peter Ibbett over unclear entries.

Hence most information is probably accurate but there are bound to be some errors! If you find any please let us know so we can correct the file.

THE 1901 CENSUS FOR POTTON (click to download as a pdf file).

This was transcribed by Peter Ibbett from micro-fiche copies. There may be some transcription errors or misreading of names and places from badly written or crossed out words. Please note that street numbers do not refer to modern house numbers. In most cases families were recorded in a logical order in a street so that it can be quite easy to work out who was living in which modern house.

Census Analysis

Society member Peter Ibbett has recently undertaken to analyse the 1891 and 1901 Censuses. These examine surnames, age distributions, place of birth and occupations. They also compare the two Censuses with each other and with that of 2001.





The 1911 Census has been analyised by Society member Peter Ibbett by street and by name. The search facility of Adobe Reader allows the reader to narrow their own search. Much individual information is aditionally available due to Peter's in depth analysis.If you do not have Adobe Reader please follow the link at the bottom of the page for a free download.

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