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NUMBERS 1 – 60

Autumn 1980 to Spring 2016

1. AUTUMN 1980                                                                                                                        

Stone 256 – Gravestone Survey

Pictorial Potton – Photographic Collection   Patricia Yates

Davies the Draper – Davies Family from 1871 Census   Peter Ibbett

Notice of AGM 1980 – New Constitution

Where did the Name Potton come from?  Patricia Yates

2.SPRING 1981

The Film Project – Mr Randall’s 1950 Films

Dipping into the Past – Britain’s archaeology    C E Joel

Gravestone Survey   George Howe

Queries – Extract from 1830 Trade Directo   Peter Ibbett

Archive News – Availability of our archive material

3. WINTER 1981

Potton Days 1929 – 1937 – Memories of Roy Rodwell    Roy Rodwell

Shopping in Potton – Memories of 1960    Philip Reynolds

Historical Hedges   Ralph Yates

4. WINTER 1982

News from Abroad – Details of letter from Quebec    Patricia Yates

Land values in Potton – Past and present     Norman Parry

Carter Family     Peter Ibbett

Early Motoring Days 1923/4   Horace Spriggs

Shannon – Captain Peel    Ralph Yates

An Australians’ Visit – Visit to Potton of Aaron Gibbs’ Ancestor

5. SPRING 1984

Sun Street Traders    Peter Ibbett

Don’t throw it away    Norman Parry

People and Places – Potton Coins    C E Joel

Australia – Stan Gibbs Canada -  E J O Eberdt

The Other Potton - Quebec    Roy Rodwell

Recollections    Cyril Croot

6. SPRING 1985

Nicholas Sparks – Casualty of Potton Fire    Norman Parry

O A Bartle – Omnibus Proprietor    George Howe

Family History –   William Robarts

7. SPRING 1986

Migration – Movement of Potton People    Norman Parry

Letter from James Paine to F B Saville re Mr Holme Schoolmaster

Family History – Robarts (Contd)    William Robarts

100 Not Out – P Ibbett recalls his years as Prog.Secretary

Visit to Remember – Potton Manor 25/02/1978    Trevor Ball

Potton Occupations 1881-1884     Peter Ibbett

8. SPRING 1987

Potton Market Square – New Edition    Peter Ibbett

Letter Box Design    Ellen Cameron

Link with Gunpowder Plot – Spencers    Norman Parry

Did Marconi come to Potton?    Roy Rodwell

Glimpse into the Past - Potton Map 1754    Mary Leigh

9. SPRING 1988

Recent Research on the Manors of Potton     Anita Lewis

The Owners of Potton Manor    Trevor Ball

Frederick Gouldthorpe Smith – Election Document

Heritage Centres    Norman Parry

Council for the Preservation of Rural England     J Bullard

Conservation Group – Plans to walk & Photograph Footpaths

10. AUTUMN 1989

Editorial – 50 years since World War II was declared

War Time Memories     Norman Parry

Peace Day Celebrations

Events 1930-1945 remembered     Sidney Emery

The First Great War 1914-18    D Kitchener

World War II Memories   Trevor Ball

“When the Boat comes in”     Anita Lewis

1939 – 1945  


11. SUMMER 1990

Bedfordshire County Council Conservation Day    Boo Matthews

The Continuing Saga of Potton Manor    Trevor Ball

The Robarts Family     Patricia Yates

Hearth Tax Return 1671   Patricia Yates

St Blaise – A Potton Connection    Patricia Yates

Archaeological Council     Norman Parry

From Scribe to Computer    Peter Ibbett

For your Bookshelf     Anita Lewis

Letters to the Society – Mrs Stephanie Voss-Carson    Anita Lewis

12. SUMMER 1991

A Surprise Package – Re Donation of Posters   Patricia Yates

Local History Conference – July 1989    Norman Parry

The Continuing Saga of Potton Manor   Trevor Ball

The Bedfordshire Times 24th March 1899 – An extract    Norman Parry

Great Fire of Potton 1783    Peter Ibbett

It’s Better to Travel Hopefully than to Arrive – Family History – Rivers Family    Anita Lewis

For your Bookshelf    Anita Lewis

13.SPRING 1992

February 14th 1945 Remembered     Patricia Yates

A Dangerous Nuisance – 1875 Riding Bicycles     Mary Leigh

Childhood Memories     Connie Holben

Childhood Memories    Audrey Woodman

Emilie Gladys Lind Smith 1888-1991- Tribute   E Jakes

Mid Bedfordshire Links – 4th Beds Conference at Potton    Peter Ibbett

Instructions to Parish Constables 1616    Norman Parry

14. SPRING 1993

Report of Fourth Mid Beds Local History Conference

Letter from Steer-Jones Chairman, Roxton History Society

Memories of the Mid Beds Conference – Tea    Anita Lewis

The Journal of Emily Shore      Peter Ibbett

Rural Unrest – early 19th Century

The Scary Sootlers – Memories of the soot collectors    Ivy Wash

15. AUTUMN 1993

5th Mid Beds Conference – Langford History Society

Maggi Solly Museums Officer for Bedfordshire

Poaching – Story of Poaching at Deepdale    Norman Parry

From the Archives – Posters 60 & 90 years ago

The B1040 to Ramsey – Report of First Historical DayTrip 1993   Peter Ibbett

On the trail of the B1040 – Report of day trip   Lindsay Wright

In Search of Margaret Emily Shore – Funchal Madeira   Anita Lewis

Attack at Cockayne Hatley by Armed Gang from

Wrestlingworth – Occurrence in 15th Cenyury    A Crossley

Bedfordshire Local History Association – Formation 1993

16. SPRING 1994

Research Rooms – New premises 1994

Beds Local History Association News 1994

Potton Library – Computerised service

Potton Manor – The continuing Saga – Part III   Trevor Ball

Potton Manor – The continuing Saga – Part IV   Anthea Cox

Common or Open Fields – an explanation     Norman Parry

Fires should be no More – Potton Famous for fires 1877    Peter Ibbett

St Mary’s Church Celebrations    George Howe

Penance – Judith Endersby 1725

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